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Baby Having Trouble Pooping : Baby Food Puree Maker : Baby Names Spanish Origin.

Baby Having Trouble Pooping

baby having trouble pooping

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44/365 Please Don't Touch the Camera

44/365 Please Don't Touch the Camera

This was quite a while ago so I don't remember much. I left to go camping on Friday and I didn't have a chance to upload my daily photo. But, the photo is a photo of my youngest cousin, Zach.

Well, I remember waking up at 5am due to intense stomach pains. If you are disgusted by diarrhea, stop reading. This was easily the worst case of diarrhea I have ever had. I kept going back to poop about every 30 minutes up until around 11am.

Everybody can start reading again. At around that time, I started feeling better and went to go watch X-Men First Class with my little brother and my other cousin, Chaddy. After the movie, my stomach was feeling better. But, I had developed a huge headache. Anyhow, I ended up going to a big dinner with my parents' high school group, Sadidas. It's pretty amazing that after 30 something years they are all still the best of friends. In a way, they aren't too different from a group of high school friends. They had trouble trying to pay for dinner, even more so than teenagers since most of them carried credit cards with very little cash. Everyone is always late. Organizing everybody is super hectic. It takes forever to get everybody's attention. And it usually is one or two people who end up organizing everything for the entire group.

Anywho, after dinner we walked along the Waterfront talking. It was quite fun actually. I got the idea of taking advanced driving lessons once I get back to California. But, we lost track of time and we ended up leaving at around 11:30pm.

Babies are always more trouble than you thought - and more wonderful. -- Charles Osgood

Babies are always more trouble than you thought - and more wonderful. -- Charles Osgood

Outside playtime in the backyard today. OMG. Ok, so I have to clean up the dog poop because while I was messing with the camera trying to take her picture, *in those 2 seconds I looked down* she picked up a turd off the ground... When I looked up, saw her holding poop in her hand, I about had a heart attack! I yelled out, "Sofia, no!" She got scared, dropped the poop (thank goodness it was HARD! lol) and I went to scoop her in my arms, ran in the house and washed her hands and sanitized them. This is one of the shots I took before she did that. After that, we called it a day. I have to pick up dog poop. Oh joy!

*used one of Elusive's Sample Action. After buying a 40d, too broke to buy pretty actions. I'm sticking to trials. haha!*

baby having trouble pooping

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