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Baby Grand Piano Player

baby grand piano player

    piano player
  • pianist: a person who plays the piano

  • The Piano Player is a 2003 music album created by Maksim Mrvica.

  • The Piano Teacher (La Pianiste) is a 2001 film directed by Michael Haneke, starring Isabelle Huppert and Benoit Magimel. The film is based on the novel Die Klavierspielerin by Elfriede Jelinek who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2004.

    baby grand
  • The smallest size of grand piano, about 4.5 feet (1.5 m) long

  • "Baby Grand" is the fourth and final single released off Billy Joel's album The Bridge. A duet with Joel and Ray Charles, the song is a ballad dedicated to the baby grand piano, and the relationship it can share with its players.

  • a small grand piano

baby grand piano player - Fisher-Price Interactive

Fisher-Price Interactive Baby Grand Piano

Fisher-Price Interactive Baby Grand Piano

Little ones can rock out with their very own Baby Grand Piano! This pint-sized piano teaches numbers and colors, as well as exposes them to musical concepts like tempo, pitch and style. Baby is encouraged to play and learn with the eight light-up keys and four activities with four songs led by a dancing character and "magic" music book. Features three modes: Learning, Musical Fun and Imagination. Requires 3 "C" batteries (not included). Measures 19" x 17" x 17". Adult assembly required.

There’s nothing like watching small children fall in love with music. This baby grand will play Cupid to a toddler’s relationship to music. Just the right size for little fingers, with bright colors, lights, and familiar songs and learning concepts; kids will need no introduction before getting in there and starting to tickle those ivories! Three modes of play encourage children to enjoy music, learn basic concepts (alphabet, counting, opposites, etc.), or just play notes and chords on the eight-key keyboard. A plastic songbook (built into the piano) uses numerals on musical notation to teach aspiring musicians the correlation between the sounds they hear, the notes on the page, and the keys on the keyboard. Slides and buttons and dials can be manipulated to adjust tempo, pitch, and style, while a metronome keeps time. And a friendly maestro monster looms over the piano, dancing as your artiste creates composes her or his opuses. The music, as with so many children’s toys, is moderately unpleasant—nursery rhymes meet lounge jazz—but not the worst you’ll ever hear. And the joy toddlers will get out of playing their own melodies, as well as the potential for learning, far outweighs the burden of listening to cheesy tunes. Or you can just keep it in note-playing mode, and skip the pre-recorded tunes altogether! Three "C" batteries required (not included). Some adult assembly is required. --Emilie Coulter

75% (5)

Emerging Freelance Artist & Guitar & Grand Piano Solist

Emerging Freelance Artist & Guitar & Grand Piano Solist

Emerging Freelance Artist
Samuel F. Campbell
Memphis Tn. 38111
E-Mail: Samuelfcampbell2003@yahoo.com

Hello every one hoped you enjoyed the fourth!

June and July have be good months for the Tennessee heat and
My music.

Playing guitar and a grand piano practicing (9am to 5-pm)
Most every day. These *Dramatic Instrumental & *Musical Interpretations:

*Both versions Earth Wind and Fires / The Beatles: " Got to Get Into My Life " (GMaj) #F.

*W. Axle Rose Slash Izzy Duff and Steven 87-88 " Sweet Child O" Mine" (DMaj) #C, #F. Wrote this cheat sheet.

*Mariah Carey: " Always Be My Baby" (EMaj), #F, #C, #G, and #D.
*Mariah Carey: " Hero" (EMaj) #F, #G, #C, and #D.
*Mariah Carey / Berry Gordy / Hall L Willie Hutch / Bob / Michele Jackson: " I’ll Be There" (FMaj) Bb,

*Johnny Smith: The First Page Jazz version of " Walk Don't Run" (CMaj)

*Norman Gimmmbel / Charles Fox: " Killing Me Softly with His Song"
(FMaj) Bb.

*The Beatles Piano Chords and Guitar Chord Charts only, " Hey Jude" and " Michelle’ "

*Eric Clapton / Will Jennings: " Tears In Heaven"(AbMaj) # F, #C, and #G.

*Ann Lorrie: "Insentisitive" (DMaj) #F, #C, and a hand drafted 07-07-08 a cheat sheet for guitar players; the whole song on one single sheet chord charts .

*Lionel Ritchie: " My Endless Love" (BbMaj) Bb, Eb.
*Lionel Ritchie: "Once Twice Three Times A Lady" (AbMaj) , Ab,Bb,Db,and Eb

*Nat King Cole / Eden Ahbez "Nature Boy" (GMaj) #F

*Stephen Schwartz: Day By Day (key of FMaj) Bb

*Alanis Morrissette "Ironic" (CMaj)

And practice the twelve scales frontward and backward I can sound them out on the neck of the guitar and the keyboard of the piano new I getting the feel of playing around with the sound and rhythm. Also minulipulating the the scaled chords triads and quads, and cleaning up my formal harmonic runs.

Inventoried of all the chords I use and charted them from any of the songs use.

Also I started again on a my selections from the Body Guard Some Day I’m Coming Back
Its Goanna Be a Lovely Day
Some thing about Eden
Jesus Loves Me

Mac Tonight Baby Baby Grand Player Piano

Mac Tonight Baby Baby Grand Player Piano

I recently found this little player piano from 1988 and was way too excited to buy it. The piano needs a new battery but the box and the piano are in good shape. There's a tiny song sheet that comes with it with the "Mac Tonight" sung to the tune of "Mack The Knife"

When that clock strikes half past six, babe
Time to head for the Golden Lights
It's a good time for the great taste
At McDonald's Yeah, Mac Tonight

baby grand piano player

baby grand piano player

Gold Label Teddy Takes Requests with Baby Grand Piano Music Box

Using the newest Radio Frequency Identification technology, Teddy plays 60 songs in any of seven musical styles with just the switch of a hat! Simply place the different style hats on his head to hear Christmas carols, patriotic tunes, love songs, children's songs, railroading favorites, country and western classics or Dixieland band tunes. Presence-activated with moving piano keys. Approximately 9 1/4-inches wide.

A whole lot more entertaining than a standard music box, Gold Label's Teddy Takes Requests puts on a private concert with a 60-song repertoire in seven musical styles--and he even features costume changes to complete the show. This cute, musically gifted bear sits at a baby grand piano with a fully stocked hat rack at his side. To choose a song type, place a hat on his head: a Santa hat for Christmas carols, ballcap for children's songs, black top hat for love ballads, engineer's cap for railroading tunes, cowboy hat for country western ditties, star-spangled top hat for patriotic numbers, and straw hat for Dixieland band favorites. The piano keys move and the songs, using high-tech Radio Frequency Identification and microchip technology, are exclusively arranged and recorded for a truly special performance. Teddy Takes Requests runs on 4 AA batteries (not included) and is presence-activated. It measures approximately 9-1/4 inches wide. Gift-boxed. --Kara Karll

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